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 28 to 32 pin EPROM adapter for ATARI or other platfoms. 05.04.2021 20:44 
Sometimes you must upgrade your system

While it is more than 20 years, so why not try something new. I made this adapter for ST machines, cos tey was using OTP eproms and now we have more capabilities, so you can use 512kB 27C040 EPROM that give you 4x TOS, it is possible to connect some IClogic for TOS 2.06.

Of course you can use it for any other platform.   
The legend for pins is:
the 4pins are A17 & A18 it will select the bank 0-3 closed with jumpers is logical 0, cos there are pullup resistors. The 3 pins are CE, CER, Link. Ce is original atari Chip enable, Cer is input for TOS 2.06 forcing from additional IClogic and Link is the same as Cer for linking with second Eprom. If you have TOS < 2.06 close the Ce & Cer with jumper it will connect, Ce to Eprom.   


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