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 Ethernet interface with Realtek 8019AS shield 19.10.2019 15:52 
  Based on EtherneC design.

    This is my version of Ethernec. Something between original EtherNEC and Hydra/NetUSBee. Less soldering and less money.
    The reasons for this board was wery limited wallet and my hateful relation with SMDs. Specialy i'm too lazy to learn how to solder them.

>>> Still hawe some PCBs, but ethernet boards are not longer available <<<

  As you see, this is preproduction version of board, cos i swapped 2 pins on ic.
  Finaly the all inputs and outputs are swapped, so i must use pullup resistor.
  Now the new version of PCB is on the way, the functionality and dimmensons will be same.

  Here is raw copy of my boot disc C on Atari MegaST, with STING and some apps.
  The IP is set on

14.08.2023 04:29 
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