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 IDE interface for Mega ST based on P.Putnik design 07.01.2018 21:06 

   Best HDD for MegaST !

  What to say ? The MegaST is best from ST line, why ? For some reasons :

    MegaBus - Direct proccesor connection - no comment
    Mega2 - Easily to 4MB expand
    Handy Pizzabox case - i love it !!!

  And now, you resurected old Mega, but floppy sux, Megadrive sux. Thre are some possibilities, Satandrive or some ACSI2SCSI interface.
  But wait a moment, what about IDE drive ?
  So thanks god the Atari scene has Pera Putnick.
  He made IDEif, it is known design for IDE connection, like it was integrated in TOS 2.06 / yes 2.06 is IDE native !!!
  There can be one question : "MegaST is TOS 1.04 ? Cannot run with 2.06 cos HW things !"
  Of course, there are some forcing techniques, but another board ? No, no, on this ideif board is Gal IC where left place for TOS 2.06 abilities.
  On the other side, you can patch your 1.04 to boot from IDE.
  What about the installation ? In case of patched TOS is without soldering, other way 1pin need to be solder.
  Tottaly 4 connections needed : +5V, Interupt from ACSI10, + for TOS 2.06 will need ROM2 from motherboard and CER to ROMs.
        Here is owerall photo of installation - simpcity itself. On the photo is ROM32to28 adaptor, neccesary for modern, non OTP ROMS.
        And here detail for ROM2 pin, no drilling just solder 1 pin.
  And on the end i must recomend Peras's IDEdriver. You will have Formatter/Partitioner and HDDdriver in 1, and other benefits are that first
  partition is readable from MS Win / super data transfer, you can change from what disk to boot / wery useful.

12.10.2017 21:27 
New batch of PCBs arrived, they are bule as a blues.
04.03.2019 12:06 
hi, do you have spare PCB left?


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